Usually we hear of the stories of a Mom or Dad inventing baby products because they see a need and try to make the things easier for the parents and better for the baby.  Well, this is a different story.

There was a man in Japan, Mr. T. Murakami.  He was long retired from the business he knew which was knitting. He had worked with in the knitting industry for fifty years. He successfully traded all kind of yarns and had knitting factories in Japan. He was one of the leaders in this industry, retired at the age of seventy two and spent a wonderful twenty years with his lovely wife of 61 years.

After losing his wife and while dining at a restaurant, he met a young family. 

The Mother was using a baby carrier and he watched her try to take the baby out and he saw how hard and complicated it was. He thought of an idea to make a baby carrier with knit fabric and easy to use.  The development process was more difficult than his conception.  When he came to a deadlock, he decided to fly to San Francisco to visit GOOGLE.  He thought he needed to be around young people so he had lunch with many young men and women to be inspired once again. It was a strange experience at 90 to visit with them, but it restored his confidence.  In virtue of his lunch, he finished his original carrier.

The Serene Sling has been selling successfully in Asia and US.

About Us

T-rex Co., Ltd was established in Osaka, Japan in 1991 as a wholesale company specializing in importing baby goods from around the world. Yasuhiko Sakanishi, CEO and founder, has actively traveled the globe searching for unique, high quality products to introduce into the Japanese market. In 2003, T-rex started its own brand “Smart from the Start” for Japanese market, which carries more than 50 unique and useful baby products made in Japan and other countries.

T-rex America, LLC was established in California in 2006 for the importing, wholesaling and online sales of T-rex’s original products in the US market. Serene Sling is the first product of its line being introduced in the US market.

Yasuhiko Sakanishi, CEO and founder

Yasuhiko Sakanishi, CEO and founder of T-rex Co., Ltd and T-rex America, LLC, has been active in the wholesale baby goods market since 1991. His company features its own brand, “Smart from the Start,” which carries more than 50 useful baby products made in Japan and other countries.  Before starting T-rex Co., Ltd, he spent more than 23 years as a marketing expert in the textile industry.