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How to Use Your Serene Sling & Safety Precautions

Serene Sling is secure and comfortable for babies and caregivers if used properly. Please read the following instructions carefully for the safety of you and your baby.

Warning – Suffocation, Fall and Fire Hazard

  • Please read all instructions carefully before using your Serene Sling.
  • Your Serene Sling is intended for use with one baby, up to 30 lbs.
  • Your Serene Sling is intended for use by adults with no health issues to carry babies. Adults suffering from back, shoulder and/or neck pain should not use the Serene Sling.
  • Do not wear your Serene Sling if you are pregnant.
  • Before each use, inspect your Serene Sling for tears, holes, loose seams or any conditions that may cause you or your baby discomfort or injury. If you find any abnormalities in the product, please discontinue use.
  • Sit or stand in a safe position and use extra care when putting baby in and taking baby out of your Serene Sling to prevent falls. (Link to instructions)
  • Preventing proper air flow to the baby may cause suffocation. Check your baby frequently while wearing your Serene Sling to ensure proper position (Link to below)  and keep objects and material away from baby’s face to ensure a clear source of air.
  • If your baby sinks too deep in the Serene Sling, please use a small folded towel underneath to raise baby and stabilize the neck to keep unrestricted air flow.
  • Always bend your knees, not your waist, to keep baby in the proper position and prevent back strain.
  • Do not cook, drink hot beverages, or eat hot food while wearing your Serene Sling.
  • Never lie down with baby in your Serene Sling.
  • Do not wear your Serene Sling while running, jumping, biking, or operating any type of motorized vehicle.
  • Do not use your Serene Sling in place of a federally approved car seat.
  • Never wear baby on your back in your Serene Sling.
  • Always use your hands to support baby when you are wearing your Serene Sling, when you bend your knees to sit down, and when you twist or turn.
  • Use your hands to support an older baby with increased mobility when they shift position in your Serene Sling.
  • Provide ample room for baby when moving through doorways or around corners.
  • Never leave baby unattended in your Serene Sling.
  • Do not alter your Serene Sling.
  • Do not use your Serene Sling near an open flame.

Baby’s Proper Position in the sling (from CPSC website)

Chin up;
Face visible;
Nose and
mouth free
Baby's face is covered.
Baby is
too low
Baby is
hunched with chin touching chest
Baby's face is pressed tight against wearer

Please contact Serene Sling for any further questions.

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