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I'm very gald that my friend introduced Serene Sling to me. My daughter has been crying for two days and I just put her in this sling and she was sleeping within 5 minutes! Thank you!!!    (March 20, 2012)


Many slings and carriers have buckles and knots that you have to figure out when putting them on. With the Serene Sling you just slide your arm through it like a bag. Once the baby is inside, the sling is deep enough that you don't have to worry about the baby falling out


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Serene Sling is the best baby carrier on the market. I always get asked where I got it. Even a nurse at the local hospital asked about it because no other slings have worked. I used other baby carriers with my first two but this one is the only one I continue to use. I love it! And my baby girl loves it!


Enjoying a week at the beach with my Serene Sling. What a lifesaver! It's been so easy to take Henry everywhere we have gone. He can sleep, play and nurse in the sling and be a happy camper! That makes a happy mommy!


Bronwyn sitting in her favorite position in the Serene Sling! Yesterday we went to a weekly summer street fair and she sat like this for a couple hours smiling at everyone as they walked by. She loves it!



My sweet Logan has enjoyed being in the Serene Sling. He likes the facing out position best so far. It was very easy to nurse in it too. I also have two other children and needed a sling that is easy on and off, and to carry with me - this was awesome.


Jacob and I with our Serene Sling. We love it! He fussed in all other baby carriers/slings, but was very content going for a walk in this one. Thank you again!!!